Books by Mark Khan:

D-Day Assault - The Assault Training Exercises at Slapton Sands

D-Day Assault tells the true story of the beach assault training carried out at Slapton Sands, in Devon,  in preparation for the Normandy Landings in June 1944.

The books covers the wartime history of the area prior to the assault training taking place, as well as detailing the pre-war beach assaults exercise carried out at Slapton Sands in 1938.

An area of approximately 20,000 acres was evacuated to allow the assault exercises to take place. The background to the reasons for the requisition of the area along with the story of the  selection, and evacuation are explained. The exercises themselves are described in detail along with context of how and why they were performed. The experience of those that took part is also recorded with the inclusion of 1st hand accounts from those that were involved in the practice assault landings.  The handing back of the area to the civil populace is also covered along with an account of what can be seen today in the Slapton Sands area. including detail of memorials and the tangible signs left by the action of thousands of troops, vehicles and thousands of tons of equipment passing over the beaches. This is the true story of the practice landings at Slapton Sands. It concentrates on the real story, often overshadowed by the tragic loss of life during Exercise Tiger in Lyme Bay, when German Motor torpedo boats sank two large landing craft and seriously damaged another. The real story relates to those local Devon people, who so stoically left their homes to allow the training to take place, the men who planned and performed the exercises and the important part played by this small part of South Devon during WW2.

2 Pdr Anti-tank gun training Anti-aircraft gunners on a ship 1st Aid volunteers Evacuees - Maidstone

Kent At War - 1939 - 1945

The original glass photographic plates containing the wartime images reproduced in this book were originally found on a rubbish tip.  They now form part of THE WAR & PEACE COLLECTION photo archive. The collection consists of over 4000 images relating to the county of Kent and covering the period from the early nineteen thirties, to the early 1960’s. A large number of the images within the archive relate to life in Kent during the Second World War. From the onset of the war, through to its conclusion, the County of Kent played a key part.  The County of Kent was the nearest part of the United Kingdom mainland to occupied Europe. As a result it suffered from significant German bombardment from the air. The area around Dover becoming known as "Hellfire Corner", and came under direct bombardment from German guns emplaced on the French Coast. In 1940 invasion defences were built in Kent. The Royal Navy, the Army, and The Royal Air Force along with members of Kent Home Guard formed, prepared to  protect Kent against the threatened German invasion. With the threat of invasion receding, the County took part in the great offensive against Nazi Germany. Preparations and training took place that lead to the D-Day invasion in June 1944 and ultimate victory in 1945. This book contains a fascinating set of images that portray different aspects of life in wartime Kent from both a military and civilian perspective.

D-Day Assault

The Assault Training

Exercises at Slapton Sands

Kent At War - 1939-45

Excersice Tiger - A damaged LST pictured at Dartmouth